jan lakey

My hearts work

Its my mission to use my camera to empower women and make them feel beautiful.

This past December I set out to make a video that would show my hearts work. Its a simple message of love and laughter .... of kindness and acceptance..... its my world where women never have to feel less then.

My french inspired photo shoot started in the mountains of Virginia with my beautiful nieces Ashley, Erin, Samantha and Jillian.  We transformed our ski chalet into a french inspired salon. We covered the walls with white sheets, posted inspirational photos, and hung sparkly lights. Each girl got their own photo shoot, which included outfit styling, hair and  makeup, and some good old fashion giggles and dancing. 


I want to thank the girls for letting me take "before" photos of them to help illustrate that these girls are not professional models they are just beautiful extraordinarily "normal" girls.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and not felt good enough? Do you look at magazines and think I wish I could look that beautiful? I am here to break down those myths and show you that you are beautiful and your are perfect in this moment.

Give me a day to change your mind and change your heart to believe in how special you are to the world. Come get pampered for a day and lets make magic together.

All you need is yourself and an open heart .... plus a willingness to laugh and have fun.

Email me and lets make a play date.